• When I started this process I was feeling unfulfilled. My role as mom and wife are great, but that was all there was for me. I kept making excuses for not following through with working towards a new career. During our second session I had a clearer idea of what I really wanted to do with my life. Now, I have enrolled in a doula program that will put me on the road to my goal of becoming a midwife. It’s always hard to have a clear picture of what you want, but when someone else helps you understand what you need to do to get to where you want to be, things suddenly don’t seem so unobtainable. Ivy gave me small steps to take to get to where I wanted. I never understood why people would get life coaching. Now I understand and appreciate what life coaching can mean for someone like me. I can’t thank you enough for the clarity you gave me!

    Karen Fritz Karen Fritz Doula Services / Karen Fritz Designs
  • Ivy is amazing. I am a member of Rising Fire Tribe and I love her daily questions and challenges. Specifically, her readings are always right on. She has helped me see things more clearly in order to decide upon right action. Her workshops are incredible too, from learning the Runes to even learning how to create your own effective workshop, this woman is great! She is very encouraging and wants the best for all of her friends and clients. I cannot recommend her classes/workshops/readings enough.

    Chelsea A.
  • Love, Love, Love working with Ivy! I've done a number of workshops with Ivy, "Envision Your Future" being the second vision board workshop I've participated in. To begin with, it's just a really fun thing to do. Getting together with other people to make collages all about what you want for yourself. But, most importantly, its amazingly effective and has become such a powerful tool for me. Laying out my goals in a tangible format really solidifies them. I hang my board where my family and I can see it and helps them to understand my needs so that its easier for them to be supportive. They even end up sharing some of my goals and we work at them together. Thank you Ivy for sharing your awesomeness with me!

    Darla Romero Botany Organic
  • I received a Tarot reading from Ivy to gather clarity and guidance on my current spiritual path. As a reader myself I knew it was too deep of a subject to read for myself objectively. Ivy gave me a clear reading that resonated with what I had been experiencing in the precious days. Her reading gave me precisely the guidance I was looking for and allowed me to take the next steps to achieving my spiritual goals.

    Christina Thomas
  • I participated in Ivy's 5-Day Ritual Challenge and created a beautiful ritual for myself. Her daily videos were helpful and inspiring. Though I've created rituals before, her method of teaching gave me a greater awareness of the aspects of ritual. It is a method I'll use now when I create future rituals. Thank you, Ivy!

    Joanne Young Elliot
  • I am part of the Rising Fire Tribe, and also participated in the 5 Days of Ritual Challenge. I really enjoyed that challenge. It helped me get more involved (which is something I don't normally do), as well as become more familiar with Wiccan things, as I am very new. The Rising Fire is a wonderful, interactive group, and very welcoming to newcomers! So glad I am a part of this group!

    Kathi Miller
  • I recently attended Ivy Rose's wonderful workshop, "EnVision Your Future." We came together and created vision boards. This is something I KNOW I wouldn't have done on my own-- I just don't give myself the time at home. Ivy Rose started the workshop with a really great handout that made the exercise a thoughtful one; one wherein I really thought about my desires and needs, and began the visualizing within. I was able to go beyond the surface 'wants' and visualize how I want many aspects of life to come to be. Actually creating the vision board was really fun. Doing this in a group also forced me to finish it, which may not happen if I was at home doing this alone. Motivation was high, but it was relaxing and fun finding images and keywords that spoke to me. I highly recommend Ivy Rose Latchford's workshops!

    Hayley A.

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