Real.Life.Spirituality is a 1:1 coaching program centered around goal creation and achievement with a focus on self-care and spiritual support.

We explore:

  • Creating your vision
  • Your values and purpose
  • Setting goals
  • Stepping into your power through priorities and self-care
  • Pushing through resistance and removing blocks
  • Living your purpose
  • Creating a personal support plan
  • Aligning with cycles

Also, you will be receiving reusable, printable tools that will help you:

  • Explore your values and purpose
  • Set concrete, achievable goals
  • Create space and prioritize
  • Diagnose your self-care regimen
  • Get a snapshot of how satisfied you are in your life
  • Create plans aligned with your menstrual cycle and the moon cycle

Sound like something that might align with you? Fill out the clarity call application and we can set up a time to chat and see if I can help you!