Are you a woman who…

  • needs some help finding her purpose?
  • has an idea of what she wants but doesn’t often set goals?
  • wants to connect with the divine feminine?
  • is interested in Wicca, witchcraft or other earth-based spirituality?
  • is looking for a structured or customized priestess training program?
  • longs for a deeper connection with their inner self?
  • are looking to find a community of like-minded women?
  • desires a safe space for their experiences to be witnessed? Where you can be seen, heard and held by your sisters?
  • sometimes feels stuck on your spiritual path, or could use some guidance?


Please note that I am not currently taking 1:1 clients right now. However, if you fill out the clarity call application, I can notify you when I begin taking on new clients. You can scroll down to see my 1:1 offerings.

In the meantime, consider joining the Rising Fire Tribe, my Facebook group full of spiritual witchy women. <3 Come join us! Your sisters are waiting for you!

What we do in the Rising Fire Tribe Facebook Group:

  1. Have a safe space for daily hashtag discussions- goals, prayer requests, divination and more!
  2. Complete free spiritually-themed challenges
  3. Attend free coaching workshops
  4. Talk about spirituality in all of its divinely feminine facets- including alternative practices
  5. Participate in theme weeks- all themed to help integrate spirituality into real life!

Do you want to join us in our close-knit and growing Facebook community? Click here– it’s free.



The Independent Witch Group Program (3 Month Program) – STARTS SUMMER 2018

The Independent Witch Program is a three month intensive course on Wicca and Witchcraft with a focus on making you a confident, independent witch. Each lesson includes a companion guide- like a workbook that aligns with the content, as well as a reflection guide- homework. In this amazing program, you will learn:

  • The history of Wicca and witchcraft
  • What IS Wicca (and what isn’t Wicca)
  • Common traditions
  • Tools and altars
  • The 4(5) elements
  • Pentacles and pentagrams (invoking and banishing programs)
  • Energy centers and manipulation
  • The god and goddess
  • Pantheons
  • Offerings
  • Meditation
  • Common ritual outline – and other outlines
  • The wheel of the year – ritual and non-ritual celebrations
  • Moon cycles, magic and esbat ritual
  • Our sacred voice
  • Laws of magic
  • Types of magic
  • Spellworking

At the end of the of the program you will be able to:

  • Assemble a beautiful and functional altar
  • Write a consecration
  • Create invoking and banishing elemental pentagrams
  • Understand the energy of the four elements and how that fits into the world
  • Channel and sense energy
  • Write an evocation
  • Choose the perfect offering for the gods
  • Write all parts of ritual liturgy
  • Perform all parts of a ritual
  • Create thematic ritual
  • Create a guided meditation
  • Dissect a spell using the laws of magick
  • Create your own spell/ intentional working

You will also receive these bonuses:

The 4 foundation course
Personal email support for the duration of the program


Real.Life.Spirituality 1:1 Program (3 Month Program)

Real.Life.Spirituality is a 1:1 coaching program centered around goal creation and achievement with a focus on self-care and spiritual support.

We explore:

  • Creating your vision
  • Your values and purpose
  • Setting goals
  • Stepping into your power through priorities and self-care
  • Pushing through resistance and removing blocks
  • Living your purpose
  • Creating a personal support plan
  • Aligning with cycles

Also, you will be receiving reusable, printable tools that will help you:

  • Explore your values and purpose
  • Set concrete, achievable goals
  • Create space and prioritize
  • Diagnose your self-care regimen
  • Get a snapshot of how satisfied you are in your life
  • Create plans aligned with your menstrual cycle and the moon cycle


Pagan Leadership Program 1:1 Program (6 Month Program)

Prerequisite: This program requires several years of solitary and group practice experience OR the successful completion of the Independent Witch Program

In this program, the focus will be on YOU and the group or coven you want to create. I will help you bring your group vision to life. Upon completion of this program, you will be ready to launch your own group. When you are finished with the program, you will have created your own coven leader toolbox.  This is an intensive 1:1 program, please be prepared to do the work.

Together we will explore:

  • Your group’s vision
  • Crafting ritual for groups
  • Dealing with challenging personalities
  • Conflict resolution
  • Decision making models
  • Teaching and spiritual counseling / coaching
  • Creating an member/initiate program
  • Group organization and transparency
  • Choosing the right people for your group
  • Setting up communication system for your group
  • Getting the word out about your group

You will be putting together your personal plan so you’ll be completely ready to go, this includes:

  • Your organizational bylaws
  • Ritual outline
  • Liturgy
  • Holiday ritual ideas
  • Application to join your group
  • Your teaching program
  • Contact info for referrals
  • Your leader biography
  • Your website / FB page
  • Fund planning
  • List of service projects and charitable organizations

This program includes 12 coaching sessions in total – half are education-based, half are traditional coaching sessions, as well as reflection questions and email support.

It also includes the following bonuses:

  • Bylaws/ Coven Compact Template / Questionnaire
  • Guided visualization
  • Email Support for the duration of the program
  • Personalized rituals
  • Personalized tools
  • FAQ template



Magical Job Hunter 1:1 Program (1 Month Program)

The magical job hunter program is a 4 week intensive program to get you on the right track to manifest the perfect job for you.

We will explore:

  • Your why/purpose
  • Your goals
  • What you want in a new job
  • What you DON’T want in a new job
  • Your priorities
  • Blocks and resistance
  • Changes to your resume
  • Resume style and design – standing out
  • LinkedIn – improve your page
  • Job hunting tips and the best platforms
  • Successful interviews
  • Following up
  • Self-care