A New Age Moon Magick System vs. A Traditional Witchcraft Moon Magick Model

A little over a year ago, I ventured into less witchy, and more “spiritual” groups in order to expand my reach. These people talked about doing “intentional work” aligned with the moon phases, but the more I read, the more I was confused.

The way these people saw the moon phases isn’t anything like how most learn in their witchcraft studies- I came onto the path in the 90s and no one was sharing this new age spirituality perspective when it came to moon alignment. Now, many people come to witchcraft through these spiritual groups and continue doing their workings according to this common new age moon phase working model, when there is a much more all-encompassing model available to them.

The “New Age” Moon Working Model

I’m calling it “new age” because it seems to have much in common with the light worker/ new age movement, and the word “spiritual” is a vague term that could refer to any path. In this model, we see two moon phases on which practitioners are encouraged to do workings. The new moon is when a practitioner sets their new intentions for the month. This may include writing intentions on a bay leaf and burning it, or doing an abundance check working. Two weeks later, the practitioner finds themselves on a full moon. In this system, the full is for releasing. Examples of what is being released include: release of things that hold you back, release of expectations, release of toxicity, etc. “What are you releasing this full moon,” is a question I often see.

So that model primarily operates on the new and full moons. There is nothing wrong with this model, but I (and most other witches) use a different system.

The Witchcraft Moon Working Model

The difference between the “new age” system and a moon system based on more traditional witchcraft, is that the witchy system utilizes four moon phases instead of just two.

Similar to the “new age” system, the witchy system sees the new moon as a time to plant seeds and intentions for the new lunar month. It’s a perfect time for some introspection, meditation and gleaning what it really is that you need in the month to come.

Next comes the waxing moon. The waxing and waning moon are the longest phases in this system, so it’s a great time to take a lot of action. The waxing phase is a time of building, so it’s a great time to really act in accord with all of the intentions you’ve set at the new moon. Do the things that will lead to actually manifesting your intention.

Then it’s FULL MOON! The full moon is when the lunar energy is at its peak. It’s a high time for manifesting. If you plan to do spellwork, this is a great time. Do you have catalysts (stones, herbs, tools) to charge that might help you? Set them under the full moon to be charged. Anything you need to do that could use some extra oomph? Do it at this time. Take massive action toward your goal or intention.

And lastly, we have a waning moon. The waning moon energy is aligned with releasing, banishing and shrinking. It’s the best time for you to focus on releasing what no longer serves you, what stands in your way, or what you need to discard.

Okay, So What Does That Actually Look Like?

Makes sense, right? But let’s see what that actually looks like in our lives. For our example, say you are trying to get a new job. Let’s talk about how that might look if we align ourselves with actions that are guided by the moon.

The new moon would be the best time to set those job intentions. Make a list of what makes up a perfect job for you. Think about your options – and possibly do mindset work or visualization.

In the waxing moon phase, you are working “growing” actions toward your goal. So, you could update your resume, apply to jobs, schedule interviews, and even learn new skills. In this phase you want to contribute as much as you can to your success.

The energy is at its highest at the full moon (even better if it’s in an earth sign like Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus). This would be a great time to reach out directly to contacts, or do any actual spellwork you might have planned for your radical new job.

At the waning moon, we use the time to shrink any obstacles that may still be in your way. Proofread your resume and cover letters, work on your mindset, and make sure your recommendations and references are secure. Work on getting organized in your job search.

And then we’ll be back to the new moon and new intentions. Revisit your list of what would make up a perfect job- make any changes you’ve realized in the past month, and start again.

Aligning yourself with these phases of the moon give you a complete system that you can work within, rather than just aligning yourself with the energy twice each month. Using this information along with astrological moon phases and more can give your intentions and workings even more of a boost.

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